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Booting/Installing Debian Hurd from DVD not possible

From: David Renz
Subject: Booting/Installing Debian Hurd from DVD not possible
Date: Fri, 18 Dec 2015 15:28:03 +0100

Hello everyone,

since I'm really interested in the GNU Hurd approach, today I tried to install it from a DVD onto which I had burnt the current release. However, it either crashes during the booting process (when choosing "pseudo-graphical installer") or (when choosing "graphical installer"), it boots successfully and also enters the graphical mode, but then it can't find the appropriate CD/DVD driver. How is that possible, if one was already able to reach this installation step?
Here are the according photos demonstrating this issue:
pseudo-graphical installer crashes
"No CD drive found"

Does anyone have an explanation for this or experienced something similar before?
In the case of the system crash I was not able to do anything at all, but in the case of the graphical installer not finding a CD drive / driver I could probably switch to another console and copy the dmesg output - Maybe this could be helpful in this regard.

Thanks in advance and best wishes


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