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Re: GSoC ideas

From: Manolis Ragkousis
Subject: Re: GSoC ideas
Date: Thu, 11 Feb 2016 13:46:30 +0200
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Hello everyone,

As I am still a student I would like to suggest continuing the project
of porting Guix to GNU/Hurd in this GSoC as well, with the objective of
having a working GuixSD/Hurd by the end of the summer.

After discussions with Justus and Samuel in FOSDEM about the Guix-Hurd
port I am starting to have a good idea on what is left to be done and
the solution needed for the problems we have.

So here's a preliminary timeline as well as a list of things to be done:

Before May:

1) Merge wip-hurd branch.
2) Make the daemon handle chroot builds on the Hurd.
Note here that on the Hurd, one does not need to be root to achieve
isolation, so I should change the daemon to use this capability.
3) Instead of using the Linux syscall guile wrappers, I should modify
Guix to use a more Hurdish way (i.e settrans) so later on we can handle
translators and bootstrap a GNU/Hurd system.
4) Better understand how GuixSD startup works.

1) Implement the mechanisms for creating and mounting the initial
filesystem and starting the system.
2) Implement the mechanisms to handle the Hurd servers in /hurd. I
remember I was told that there may be an issue when the servers are not
actually there (i.e all the binaries are in the /gnu/store). Would love
if somebody could tell us more on that.
3) Isolate Linuxisms around Guix.
4) David Michael has made an excelent work on getting Shepherd working
with Hurd so I don't think we will have any serious issues with the init
5) Others that will come up.. In the following weeks I will work closely
with the Hurd guys to make sure we get a better understanding of
everything and a detailed timeline.

End of GSoC:
Have a working GuixSD with Hurd as the kernel.

Currently Justus (and others soon :-)) are testing Guix on their
machines. We have some issues but we are working on them.

Please feel free to add/correct anything from the above. Your
comment/opinion may help to get things up and running faster :-)

Finally I want to say that I will continue my work on this, regardless
of GSoC or not, but I would like it if it was. :-)

Thank you,

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