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Re: Testing requested for the next version of GNU Mach

From: David Michael
Subject: Re: Testing requested for the next version of GNU Mach
Date: Sun, 28 Feb 2016 15:27:50 -0500


I haven't been able to boot gnumach with upstream GRUB since this X15
code was imported.  It does boot successfully with QEMU's multiboot
arguments, and it seems fine when it's running.

When booting the latest gnumach (689810) with GRUB (both old versions
and today's beta3 release) built for the i386-pc platform, the
following is displayed for a fraction of a second before the system

GNU Mach 1.6
ELF section header table at c0010278
biosmem: physical memory map:
biosmem: 000000000000000000:00000000000009fc00, available
biosmem: 00000000000009fc00:0000000000000a0000, reserved
biosmem: 0000000000000f0000:000000000000100000, reserved
biosmem: 000000000000100000:00000000003ffe0000, available
biosmem: 00000000003ffe0000:000000000040000000, reserved
biosmem: 0000000000feffc000:0000000000ff000000, reserved
biosmem: 0000000000fffc0000:000000000100000000, reserved
biosmem: heap: e3d000-3a000000
Loaded ELF symbol table for mach (6033 symbols)
vm_page: page table size: 262096 entries (17408k)
vm_page: DMA: pages: 4080 (15M), free: 451 (1M)
vm_page: DIRECTMAP: pages: 233472 (912M), free: 226345 (884M)
vm_page: HIGHMEM: pages: 24544 (95M), free: 24544 (95M)
unexpected ACK from keyboard

The same GRUB has no problem booting older gnumach (bee3f0) or Linux.
Are you aware of any patches required by GRUB to boot the X15
multiboot/biosmem bits?



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