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Re: Shared mappings not being inherited by children

From: Agustina Arzille
Subject: Re: Shared mappings not being inherited by children
Date: Mon, 04 Apr 2016 13:01:27 -0300

On 04/04/2016 04:34 AM, Samuel Thibault wrote:
You can submit that patch to the libc-alpha@sourceware.org mailing list
(explaining the rationale etc. alongside), putting roland@hack.frob.com
and this bug-hurd@gnu.org list in Cc.  And we can commit the patch to
the debian libc in parallel.
Done. Although, I had to use a different mail address for Roland, because
bugzilla wouldn't let me otherwise. Oh well, hope it isn't an issue.

Anyway, here's the bug report for glibc:

Mmm, in my memory entries in bugzilla don't get as much attention as
patches submitted to libc-alpha.

Please do as I said: send a complete patch to the libc-alpha mailing
list, with roland in Cc, so he explictly gets the mail with the code
inline. Doing things another way means more time from him, and thus much
lower probability of getting an answer.

Allright, I did just that. Didn't know that bugzilla entries got less attention 

BTW, how did you discover this?  Does this trigger a failure in some

Not that I know of. I found out about this because I have a new libpthread
implementation based on the 'gsync' module, and I was testing process-shared
robust mutexes, and noticed they worked with shared memory as obtained
by 'shmget', but not 'mmap', so I dug around and found this bug.

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