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RFC: Runtime checking of port handling

From: Justus Winter
Subject: RFC: Runtime checking of port handling
Date: Sat, 04 Jun 2016 15:45:15 +0200
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Hello :)

tl;dr: Compiler-assisted runtime checking of port handling in
variables with automatic storage duration.  Do we want to go there?

Long version:

I recently found a pretty bad resource leak in our crash server and
pondered how to find such issues proactively.  The main idea is to 1/
clear variables if the right is transferred, and to 2/ check if it is
indeed cleared when the variable goes out of scope.

1/ can be idiomatically achieved using variants of
mach_port_deallocate that do error checking and clear the variable
holding the port name.

2/ can be done in a robust way using the gcc variable attribute
'cleanup' that executes a function when the variable goes out of

The follow up patch demonstrates the use of this in the crash servers
'S_crash_dump_task' server function.  Using it I already found a bug,
my initial attempt of fixing the resource leak in crash was
incomplete, and in fact leaking 'ctty_id' when suspending the crashing

I believe this approach offers strong guarantees: It produces no false
negatives (if used correctly...), with acceptable manual work applying
it to existing code, and minimal runtime overhead (which can be
reduced to zero for NDEBUG builds).  Printing meaningful error
messages with backtraces will help both fixing bugs and deploying this

Do we want to do this, or is this too clever for its own good?


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