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Hurd's participation in GSoC under the Microkernel devroom umbrella

From: Jakub Jermář
Subject: Hurd's participation in GSoC under the Microkernel devroom umbrella
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 2017 17:24:34 +0100
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Dear Hurd developers!

Some of the microkernel projects are applying to this year's Google
Summer of Code together under the umbrella of a common mentoring
organization. [1]

I am well aware of the fact that your project has traditionally
participated in GSoC under the GNU umbrella. I don't expect this to
change, but would like you to also consider taking part in our common
microkernel organization. Students should be thus able to discover Hurd
either via GNU or via the microkernel umbrella organization.

As some of you have pointed out on IRC, disputes over the assignment of
available slots to hopeful student proposal may arise. While it is
generally impossible to please everybody, I am confident that such
disputes can be resolved in a civilized, fair and just manner - should
they occur in the first place.

Have I mentioned that Hurd has nothing to lose thanks to this dual
participation? The worst case is that this cooperation will not bring
you anything, the best case is that it will bring you something you
wouldn't have otherwise got.

What I need you collectively to do now is to reach an agreement on
whether to do this or not. But note that time is running up. The
deadline for organization applications is on Feb 9, 16:00 UTC [2].

If the decision is in favor of this, we will need your ideas page and
the approximate number of mentors you can supply. We will also invite
one Hurd developer to become an org co-admin.

In the meantime, we are going ahead with the application.



[2] https://developers.google.com/open-source/gsoc/timeline

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