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Re: [PATCH hurd] build: Drop unused/unsubstituted config variables

From: Diego Nieto Cid
Subject: Re: [PATCH hurd] build: Drop unused/unsubstituted config variables
Date: Mon, 26 Jun 2017 16:52:52 +0000


Here's the thing. The console-client needs a few XKB related files with support for VT actions like switching and scrolling. These files refer to other assets installed by xkeyboard-config package like standard keymaps. For instance the following is an excerpt from `keymap/hurd`

    default xkb_keymap "us" {
        xkb_symbols { include "pc(pc105)+us+hurd" };

These includes are resolved relative to a common parent that can be set on the command-line; and that by default is where Xorg puts its xkb data files.

So, the custom files have to be installed next to Xorg's standard files for the console to work properly with default options. That's why configure.ac does that little dance with pkg-config and xkeyboard-config to try to figure out where that directory is.

And for that reason, the machine *building* the console client needs to have a few Xorg dependencies installed. Under Debian, whatever the following commands return:

  * dpkg -S $(locate x11.pc)
  * dpkg -S $(locate xkeyboard-config.pc)
  * dpkg -S $(locate xproto.pc)
  * dpkg -S $(locate keysymdef.h)

I now realize this is very inconvenient for package maintainers as the build environment needs to replicate the target environment (i.e. the installed xkeyboard-config.pc requires the same prefix as the target system). :-(

Given that xkeyboard-config.pc also has a prefix variable, one possible solution is to strip the build system's prefix from xkb_base and then "prepend" the prefix passed to configure. I'm not sure how robust it is though.


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