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Re: [GSoC 2017] Support for fsysopts and multiple interfaces

From: Justus Winter
Subject: Re: [GSoC 2017] Support for fsysopts and multiple interfaces
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2017 11:08:59 +0200

"Brent W. Baccala" <cosine@freesoft.org> writes:

> Joan -
> Thank you for your work on this.  I haven't commented on it until now,
> partly because of some email problems, and partly because I haven't been
> working on Hurd for the last six months or so.
> On Mon, Jun 26, 2017 at 7:28 AM, Joan Lledó <joanlluislledo@gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> I've advanced in several fronts during the last two weeks, like the
>> initial configuration of the stack from the command line, by using
>> libargp, or reading and writing a new configuration in run time,
>> through fsysopts. The aim is to support exactly the same options
>> pfinet does, so we'll be able to replace pfinet by the LwIP translator
>> transparently for the rest of the system.
> That's good!  As far as I know, using command line style options is the
> only way to change configuration in the current pfinet translator.

And ioctls.

> Leaving that for backwards compatibility is fine, but I think that we also
> want to have more of an API to interface with software.

Let's not get ahead of ourself.


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