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Re: Upstreaming the glibc Hurd port

From: Joseph Myers
Subject: Re: Upstreaming the glibc Hurd port
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2018 15:24:01 +0000
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On Thu, 18 Jan 2018, Samuel Thibault wrote:

> Joseph Myers, on jeu. 18 janv. 2018 13:47:42 +0000, wrote:
> > (I'd also suggest that it *not* use a top-level directory called
> > simply "libpthread" or similar without mention of Hurd, as that would
> > be too confusing to people looking at the source tree for pthreads for
> > other platforms.)
> Sure :)
> kFreeBSD/GNU used fbtl (FreeBSD Thread Library), perhaps htl? (Hurd
> Thread Library)

Seems reasonable to me.

Longer-term, once the support is in, it would be good to know how the API 
exposed for pthreads on Hurd compares to the NPTL API.  Right now, we have 
very little documentation for threads, but in principle it would be good 
to have thorough documentation for the pthreads API, and for the API to be 
the same between different OSes rather than having some interfaces only 
supported on some OSes.  (Then most of pthread.h could be shared between 
the different implementations - duplicating all the function declarations 
and associated feature test macro conditionals for them is not ideal.)

Joseph S. Myers

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