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Re: Hurd Fork: Announcement & Invitation

From: Amos Jeffries
Subject: Re: Hurd Fork: Announcement & Invitation
Date: Sat, 21 Jul 2018 09:57:31 +1200
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On 21/07/18 09:37, Ranvijay Kumar Vijay wrote:
> Dear All,
> I've created a HURD Bazaar fork,

Er, are you aware that "Bazaar" is already taken by a VCS system? it is
going to be very confusing to have something called a "Bazaar fork" when
it is actually a git fork, not managed by Bazaar.

> because I've seen discussions on the
> net where people didn't want to be a part of Hurd just because it
> requires Copyright assignment to FSF.
> I personally think they are mistaken, but have created this project to
> save time from clearing their misunderstandings.

While your intentions may be pure, this looks more like an attempted
hijack to me.

The result is likely to distract people not already involved with the
copyright disagreement and place their work into an area which cannot be
fed back to the Hurd itself. Due to the explicit copyright intentions of
those people you mention, their work and anything relying on it directly
(as the forked code would) cannot be submitted to the FSF project for
inclusion in Hurd.

So the most likely outcomes will either be a large increase in porting
work placed on the shoulders of the already limited Hurd community, or
moving control of the Hurd brand away from the FSF over to yourself.


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