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Re: Contributing to Hurd

From: Joan Lledó
Subject: Re: Contributing to Hurd
Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2019 17:25:47 +0100


> Joan, where do think something could be missing?

Maybe a good start is to read and understand all the code of the
translator and explain what every function does. That could be useful
for others who want to contribute to the Hurd, not only on the lwip
translator. Back in my GSoC I took some notes about pfinet, lwip,
glibc and ip6. Attached are the notes but please Sooraj, take into
account these are personal notes, not intended to be published and the
statements I make in these documents *may be wrong*. I hope these
notes help you to complete your documentation.

Another thing you could do as part of your thesis is to make
performance tests on both lwip and pfinet translators, to check which
is faster and what's the difference. I never tested this, but I
remember Justus did some quick tests and said the lwip translator was
far slower than pfinet. It would be nice to confirm it and figure out

>Also, are there perhaps some features that Sooraj could work on?

If I remember correctly, poll() and ppoll() on glibc end up calling
the io_select operation. Maybe a good exercise would be to add a new
'poll' operation to the pfinet interface, b/c it's not a big change
but it requires changes on glibc, the MIG interface and the
translator, so it's a nice exercise to have the full picture of how
the Hurd works.

What do you think?

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