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Re: Need help with mach_printf()

From: Svante Signell
Subject: Re: Need help with mach_printf()
Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2019 11:39:51 +0100
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On Fri, 2019-03-08 at 11:28 +0100, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> Use mach_print for a start, to avoid any potential problem with vsnprintf etc.
> Svante Signell, le ven. 08 mars 2019 11:16:32 +0100, a ecrit:
> > (cd libs; ln -s libtrivfs.so.0.3 libtrivfs.so.0)
> > export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./libs
> > ldd /hurd/null
> >         libtrivfs.so.0.3 => ./libs/libtrivfs.so.0.3 (0x01029000)
> If it's /dev/null that you want to debug, it's for the start of /dev/null that
> you
> need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH. And do not set the variable then sudo to
> start /dev/null, sudo clears the environment.

So I need to do as root?
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/srs/hurd.debs/0.9.git20190303-1.3/libfshelp-tests/libs \
settrans -cap /dev/null /hurd/null

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