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Regarding the Current Hurd Logo (Update Proposal)

From: Muto
Subject: Regarding the Current Hurd Logo (Update Proposal)
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2019 23:16:39 +0100

Hello, bug-hurd,

Over the past few weeks I've been working with Inkscape on re-drawing
the "Hurd Boxes" logo (it should be attached to this email). Of course
it's not much different at all from the current one (I respect McCamant
and Schwinge too much to throw away their work), it differs in a few
minor ways which I think are nice:

- Slightly /less/ symmetrical. The tilted box outlines queue the viewer
  into a sense of imperfection, and thus, humanity (or at least I like
  to think so. The tilted outlines may also imply motion or the "flow"
  of data which the arrows describe)

- Rounded edges. Something I like about the Hurd system is how hard
  it is to actually "cut" yourself while using it (the worst I've
  gotten is a slap on the wrist by EIEIO). Likewise, this logo doesn't
  have any sharpness that can imply harm. I know it's just a drawing,
  but I can just imagine myself hitting my funnybone or stubbing my toe
  on the "old" logo!

- Bigger arrows. The Hurd logo is kind of hard to make out from far
  away, so I changed the arrows a little bit to be more "full". This is
  probably the biggest modification in the design.

Of course, if it has to be licensed, it is under CC-BY 4.0

This is about the logo, not my artistic expression, so don't be scared
of hurting my feelings with criticism. I'm not the most sensitive
person and I take very well to *all* kinds of feedback.

I know this is probably not a good time to send this, as I can imagine
you're all really busy with GSoC just around the corner, and I know
I've been bombarding this project with wiki edits and mailing list
It's just this Spring weather, it makes me want to do these things.
Don't worry, though, I'm starting to burn out. :-)

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