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Re: Regarding the Current Hurd Logo (Update Proposal)

From: Joshua Branson
Subject: Re: Regarding the Current Hurd Logo (Update Proposal)
Date: Wed, 27 Mar 2019 09:02:26 -0400
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Muto <shack@muto.ca> writes:

> Hello, bug-hurd,

Looks good.  I'm all for changing the logo to this new one.

> Over the past few weeks I've been working with Inkscape on re-drawing
> the "Hurd Boxes" logo (it should be attached to this email). Of course
> it's not much different at all from the current one (I respect McCamant
> and Schwinge too much to throw away their work), it differs in a few
> minor ways which I think are nice:
> - Slightly /less/ symmetrical. The tilted box outlines queue the viewer
>   into a sense of imperfection, and thus, humanity (or at least I like
>   to think so. The tilted outlines may also imply motion or the "flow"
>   of data which the arrows describe)
> - Rounded edges. Something I like about the Hurd system is how hard
>   it is to actually "cut" yourself while using it (the worst I've
>   gotten is a slap on the wrist by EIEIO). Likewise, this logo doesn't
>   have any sharpness that can imply harm. I know it's just a drawing,
>   but I can just imagine myself hitting my funnybone or stubbing my toe
>   on the "old" logo!
> - Bigger arrows. The Hurd logo is kind of hard to make out from far
>   away, so I changed the arrows a little bit to be more "full". This is
>   probably the biggest modification in the design.
> Of course, if it has to be licensed, it is under CC-BY 4.0
> This is about the logo, not my artistic expression, so don't be scared
> of hurting my feelings with criticism. I'm not the most sensitive
> person and I take very well to *all* kinds of feedback.
> I know this is probably not a good time to send this, as I can imagine
> you're all really busy with GSoC just around the corner, and I know
> I've been bombarding this project with wiki edits and mailing list
> suggestions.
> It's just this Spring weather, it makes me want to do these things.
> Don't worry, though, I'm starting to burn out. :-)
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Joshua Branson
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