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Re: Regarding the Current Hurd Logo (Update Proposal)

From: Muto
Subject: Re: Regarding the Current Hurd Logo (Update Proposal)
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2019 05:31:58 +0000

>I don't really have a strong opinion :)

Hi, Samuel. Thatks okay, it's still good to hear from you!

(Sorry if this email appears twice in your inbox. I forgot to reply to
the mailing list to make it public. It's a bad habit of mine)

>I find this interesting.

This is a bit more... Symbolic, I guess.
I don't feel too strongly about this, but I think the round edges are
aesthetically pleasing, as well.

>Mmm. People would say it reflex bugosity ? :)

This is something I haven't thought much about. Some people may very
well think this! You're right, I might have the wrong idea with this.

To me, the boxes look less like they're "imperfect", per se, but more
like blocks of Jell-O. I didn't mention this in my original post, since
it felt kind of pretentious, but it kind of compliments the "You
cannot cut yourself in the Hurd" mindset, since, just like a block of
jello, the Hurd corrects itself & returns to it's "original shape" if
someone tries to push it around too much.

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