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Re: Hurd SSI paper

From: Almudena Garcia
Subject: Re: Hurd SSI paper
Date: Sat, 15 Jun 2019 17:04:51 +0200

Great job!! I'm reading the paper, looks very good.

I'm working in SMP support, using xAPIC (32 bit yet). Your work makes more sense to my project :-)
You can find my work here: https://github.com/AlmuHS/GNUMach_SMP

Thanks you for sharing your project with us,

El vie., 14 jun. 2019 a las 23:49, Brent W. Baccala (<cosine@freesoft.org>) escribió:

I had a request to write a paper documenting my work on Hurd, so I did.  It's called "Building an SSI Cluster with GNU/Hurd" and it's available here:


The LaTeX source is also in the github repository (link in the paper).

Feedback is welcome!


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