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Hurd SMP needs contributors

From: Almudena Garcia
Subject: Hurd SMP needs contributors
Date: Wed, 4 Sep 2019 00:54:56 +0200

Hi all:

In my Hurd SMP project, I need help to solve many problems during the boot with ncpus != 2.

- In the first usecase, booting my gnumach version with an only cpu, the booting stops just after start.I tried to comment the acpi_setup() call, which starts the cpu enumeration, but It isn't the cause.

Debugging the code with GDB, I also discard problems with start_other_cpus() call, or in the lapic memory reserve in extra_setup().

I attach a screenshot with the crash in this usecase.

- In the second usecase, the system seems to crash after enable the 3rd processor.

Debugging the code, I found this situation:

   - The 2nd cpu fails meanwhile try to enable PGE bit in CR4, during paging configuration.
   - The 1st cpu fails together the second, but I didn't find the point
   - The 3rd cpu continues its configuration, but fails after call to slave_main()

I attach another screenshot with the crash in this usecase

The source code is here:

My latest work is in wip branch:

Can you help me to investigate these issues?

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