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Redesign SMP code (searching opinions)

From: Almudena Garcia
Subject: Redesign SMP code (searching opinions)
Date: Mon, 4 May 2020 00:27:50 +0200

Hi all:

I'm rewriting my SMP code, to improve the design and ease the revision.

Currently, I'm working in rewrite the search of processors (and IOAPIC) in ACPI tables,
Most of work was done:

- I've mapped all unreachable address in the kernel pagetable. This allows to execute the function in a later step of gnumach booting, after paging configuration.

- Added to this, I have refactorized the code to remove most global variables.

The code works properly, and all cpus and IOAPIC are found successfully.
You can see an execution demonstration in this video.

Before to send the code as a patch, I want to know your opinion about this.
My questions are:

1. Naming: are the functions and files' names appropriate?
2. Structures: I have some structures declared as globals: an array which stores the relationship between CPU's APIC ID and Kernel ID, a variable which stores the number of cpus existent in the machine... Do you prefer store this data in some structures? Do you prefer store this data in other file? ...
3. File location: are the files in a appropiate location?

The code can be seen in these files:

- acpi_parse_apic.c : main code. Find the MADT (APIC) table in ACPI tables, and parse It to find Local APIC (for cpus) and IOAPIC (for I/O)

- acpi_parse_apic.h: Headers of acpi_parse_apic.c, with the structures of the tables readed during the search of MADT.

- apic.h: header with the structures of Local APIC and IOAPIC, recovered and updated from original Mach code.

- Caller of acpi_find_cpus(): Code which calls to acpi_finc_cpus(), to start the search of cpus and IOAPIC

I wait your opinions about this
Can you help me in this?

P.S.: Don't be cruel. I'm very noob yet ;)

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