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Re: [PATCH] gnu-nat: Move local functions inside gnu_nat_target class

From: Simon Marchi
Subject: Re: [PATCH] gnu-nat: Move local functions inside gnu_nat_target class
Date: Sat, 30 May 2020 19:59:03 -0400
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On 2020-05-30 2:04 p.m., Samuel Thibault wrote:
> This allows to have the process_stratum_target object at hand for future use 
> in
> the gdb API, and only use gnu_target from external calls.
> gdb/Changelog:
>       * gnu-nat.h (inf_validate_procs, inf_suspend, inf_set_traced,
>       steal_exc_port, proc_get_state, inf_clear_wait, inf_cleanup,
>       inf_startup, inf_update_suspends, inf_set_pid, inf_steal_exc_ports,
>       inf_validate_procinfo, inf_validate_task_sc, inf_restore_exc_ports,
>       inf_set_threads_resume_sc, inf_set_threads_resume_sc_for_signal_thread,
>       inf_resume, inf_set_step_thread, inf_detach, inf_attach, inf_signal,
>       inf_continue, make_proc, proc_abort, _proc_free, proc_update_sc,
>       proc_get_exception_port, proc_set_exception_port, _proc_get_exc_port,
>       proc_steal_exc_port, proc_restore_exc_port, proc_trace): Move functions
>       to gnu_nat_target class.
>       * gnu-nat.c: Likewise.
>       (inf_update_procs, S_proc_wait_reply, set_task_pause_cmd,
>       set_task_exc_port_cmd, set_signals_cmd, set_thread_pause_cmd,
>       set_thread_exc_port_cmd): Call inf_validate_procs through gnu_target
>       object.
>       (gnu_nat_target::create_inferior, gnu_nat_target::detach): Pass `this'
>       instead of `gnu_target'.

Thanks, this LGTM, I think it's a good step forward.


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