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Re: Three Cheers for Samuel!

From: Joshua Branson
Subject: Re: Three Cheers for Samuel!
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 2020 19:49:26 -0400
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Samuel Thibault <samuel.thibault@gnu.org> writes:

> Hello,
> I don't know what initially triggered the round of cheers, anyway thank
> you all :)

Basically because you are a near programming god on earth.  And if
Richard Braun says you are a near global expert in computer concurrency,
then you absolutely must be!  You've got your hand in nearly everything
about operating systems.  It's one thing to an expert in one area of
operating systems projects.  It's quite another to be developing and
maintaining on different levels of operating system abstractions!

Because Richard Braun is one of the most dedicated and intelligent
developers I know of.  I find myself reading about his X15 project all
the time (and pissing myself with excitement when I re-read about it).
Everytime he posts a new blog post, I get chills down my spine reading
about his updates!  And I re-read the blog posts, again.  Then I find
myself struggling to keep up with his fiery intense intellect.

And I know that Joan Lledo is a fabulous contributer, because Richard
Braun said that Joan's Google summer of code for the lwip was the most
beautiful thing he had ever seen!  And Joan was just a college student
at that time.  How did you get to be so brilliant so young?

And I know Damien Zammit is fantastic, because he is working on some
ridiculously amazing audio work for the Hurd.  And holy Alaskan
Asparagus tips! How does he have time to be a kernel developer and make
such beautiful music!  Can you please tell me how to be more like you?

And there are other people in the Hurd community, who are truly
fantastic!  Thank you for your hard work!

Would any of you care to virtually meet with me and talk about why the
Hurd is so awesome?  We could post the video somewhere as a type of
marketing.  I'm sure that Guix would love to market it.  We could meet
at meet.jit.si/somerandomurl  password:  some password...I could record
said video and post it somewhere.

> One thing I'm not good at is showing news of what is happening, the
> "quarter of the hurd" news were quite useful I think to show people what
> happens. It's a matter of taking the time to collect news items, and
> publish it periodically on the news part of the wiki (and on the list so
> people know about it). Any volunteer? :)

For anyone wanting to write a quoth here's how to write a quoth (quarterly news 
update about the Hurd)


I actually haven't been able to get ikiwiki to render locally...So I
haven't wanted to send in half-working changes as patches...I'm using
guix system.  I do have debian installed.  I suppose that I could edit
via Debian as well.


joshua@dobby ~/prog/gnu/hurd/web$ guix package -I perl
perl-yaml-syck  1.32    out     
perl-search-xapian        out     
perl    5.30.2  out     /gnu/store/8zvc5mvk0xm3ygrxsgpyy5ilxb5rzjry-perl-5.30.2

joshua@dobby ~/prog/gnu/hurd/web$ guix package -I ikiwiki
ikiwiki 3.20190228      out     

joshua@dobby ~/prog/gnu/hurd/web$ guix package -I | grep tex
texinfo 6.7     out     /gnu/store/ihj2a1ji2q8wbrkrfjl5km6gc7d9g42j-texinfo-6.7

ymlfront: failed to use YAML::Syck


Joshua Branson
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