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Re: [PATCH] SMP initialization: detection and enumeration

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: [PATCH] SMP initialization: detection and enumeration
Date: Sun, 19 Jul 2020 23:22:04 +0200
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Almudena Garcia <liberamenso10000@gmail.com> writes:

> But I've already committed these changes in my repository. How can I
> recommit them?

You can change commits with “git rebase”.  Use “git rebase -i” for
interactive rebasing, which gives you a list of commits to which you can
apply changes.  If you want to change all commits and their contents you
might also just reset to a commit before your changes and then re-stage
changes as needed from your worktree.

> Added to this, I need to generate the patch using the "master" branch
> (which points to gnumach's upstream) to compare with the mine.

You can rebase your changes on top of the master branch of the gnumach
repository.  Add the gnumach repository as a remote with “git remote add
upstream https://…” and then do “git fetch upstream; git rebase
upstream/master” to rebase your commits on top of that remote’s master


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