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Re: A few questions: Libre SoC, website, Rust

From: Almudena Garcia
Subject: Re: A few questions: Libre SoC, website, Rust
Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2020 00:04:58 +0200

Jan. I've just written a little draft to help you with the website.

The draft includes some suggestions about index, and some sections like "getting started" (how to download, test, and install Hurd, putting Debian GNU/Hurd as example), and "how to contribute", with some tips about how to write code (follow the coding style), and how to generate a patch.

I expect this draft can be useful for your work.

El jue., 20 ago. 2020 a las 23:24, Jan Wielkiewicz (<tona_kosmicznego_smiecia@interia.pl>) escribi├│:
Dnia 2020-08-20, o godz. 18:06:02
Richard Braun <rbraun@sceen.net> napisał(a):

> On Thu, Aug 20, 2020 at 03:19:56PM +0200, Almudena Garcia wrote:
> > But, about the website, if I remember well, this thread started
> > because of an offer to update the website.
> > Why don't we accept the offer?
> >
> > It's a bad idea to reject this type of offer only for prejudices
> > about the attractive.
> The help was not refused. Samuel actually said it's all fine after
> clarifying a few things.
> > As I told before, I know many people who reject Hurd after showing
> > some interest, simply because the webpage seems to show a dead
> > project (search about "halo effect")
> > Not only because of the latest news, but the 90s style appearance
> > of the website, and the outdated documentation.
> Who's prejudiced now ? And if we're going that way, then the point I
> was making in my previous message, which I hoped you would have
> understood, is that I don't want to work with people who give up
> because it takes them more than a few seconds to find information, or
> who evaluate a project based on the look of its web site. You're
> mentioning the halo effect and you're right, I'd much rather work
> with people who have as few cognitive biases as possible, so call me
> prejudiced against the others if you want, at least I have a strong
> argument for my case.

Please stop arguing, everyone.
I already made some notes about how to make the web page more readable,
we'll be judging the effects when its done.
Don't waste more time on arguing than it's worth.

As for Samuel's and yours opinion about people with cognitive biases,
etc, remember not everyone who visits the page is a system developer -
sometimes an unrelated person can visit the page. In this case if that
person finds the web page interesting (even due to cognitive bias),
there's a possibility the person will tell others about the finding.
If the web page looks bad, abandoned, isn't convincing, then the person
just won't care or even worse, will tell others the Hurd is abandonware.
There's a small chance an incompetent person will tell their more
competent friends about it, and that's our chance.
All I want to do is to increase the probability.

Jan Wielkiewicz

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