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Re: problems with daily images

From: Jessica Clarke
Subject: Re: problems with daily images
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2021 00:59:23 +0000

On 24 Jan 2021, at 00:41, Damien Zammit <damien@zamaudio.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> On 24/1/21 11:28 am, Samuel Thibault wrote:
>> Why so? We do support SSE*.
>> (glibc 2.33 will even use them automatically for memcpy etc. thanks to
>> ifunc support recently getting enabled)
> OK, I ran the failing test in GDB:
> initmaster(int f UNUSED)
> {
> #ifndef VMS
> # ifdef POSIX
>    tcflush(f, TCIOFLUSH);
> # else
> #  ifdef TIOCFLUSH
>    (void)ioctl(f, TIOCFLUSH, (char *) 0);

It seems only QNX ends up setting POSIX for some inexplicable reason.
Since Hurd defines TIOCFLUSH, it ends up calling this line. But
TIOCFLUSH takes an int * pointing at flags, so when converting the
ioctl into an RPC it'll dereference the null pointer and segfault. It
should either pass a pointer to an int with the right flags or just use
tcflush like a sane program.

NB: Neither Linux nor FreeBSD define/implement TIOCFLUSH.


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