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Re: problems with daily images

From: Damien Zammit
Subject: Re: problems with daily images
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2021 13:29:11 +1100
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On 23/1/21 12:03 pm, Paul Dufresne wrote:
> I have seen problems with daily images from:
> https://people.debian.org/~sthibault/hurd-i386/installer/cdimage/
> Was problems with vim, emacs, gdb... in previous days... I think but unsure 
> Idon't seems to see them now.
> Had tried previous monthly image, was also having vim and emacs installation 
> problem.

Does anyone have an exhaustive list of packages that are currently broken
and part of the initial bootstrap install?

I have a little time now, I can try following up on bugs.

I think we know roughly how to fix the vim bug now, i.e. is there anything else 
blocking fresh installs?


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