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Re: problems with daily images

From: Damien Zammit
Subject: Re: problems with daily images
Date: Sun, 24 Jan 2021 13:53:33 +1100
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Hi Samuel,

On 24/1/21 12:32 pm, Samuel Thibault wrote:
> Damien Zammit, le dim. 24 janv. 2021 12:26:35 +1100, a ecrit:
>> I think we still need to pass -DPOSIX to vim CFLAGS for hurd,
>> otherwise it will not call any flush function if you remove the #define.
> Ok, but AIUI it doesn't do any such flush on Linux either?
> If so we want to get the same fix applied for the Linux case. Otherwise
> we'll again use a different codepath than Linux, and thus be affected by
> bugs that Linux doesn't get only by "mis"-luck.

Well, we could just remove the #define in hurd as you suggested,
and leave the vim package as is. That would get us on par with Linux (?)
If it's truly a vim bug, we could report it and have it fixed in vim separately?


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