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Re: SMP for gnumach

From: Almudena Garcia
Subject: Re: SMP for gnumach
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 2021 00:11:30 +0100

Hi Damien:

I've just checked the commit that you're referering, and it's unnecessary currently.
This lines were removed in some later commits anyway.

So I think that you can simply take the latest master, which already includes all my SMP work.

Thanks for your interest.

El vie, 19 mar 2021 a las 23:37, Damien Zammit (<damien@zamaudio.com>) escribió:
Hi all,

As you know, AlmuHS did a bunch of great work for SMP support so far.

However, I have noticed there are a stack of commits in 0.0.10_2 branch
that are not rebased onto master.

Is it desirable/possible to squash all the smp support into one or two commits
so we can rebase it onto master and start the next phase of smp + apic + lapic timers?

I don't know which commit to start from, but am eager to start writing some more.

As discussed on IRC, I think we cannot have SMP support with PIC interrupts,
so we need to add APIC and lapic timers, which means we need to add basic ACPI
parsing to gnumach to deduce the PCI interrupt override settings.

Therefore, we need a solid, up-to-date base commit to start this work.

How do we best proceed?

Damien Z

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