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Re: License of Hurd's common lisp bindings

From: Ricardo Wurmus
Subject: Re: License of Hurd's common lisp bindings
Date: Fri, 30 Apr 2021 17:19:26 +0200
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Hi Maxime,

Ricardo Wurmus schreef op do 29-04-2021 om 23:33 [+0200]:
Are you compiling this on a Hurd system? Or do you build it on GNU+Linux first?

On GNU+Linux first.  I don't have a good GNU+Hurd setup yet.
I can create a childhurd, but then I still have to send patches
from the childhurd to the parent system somehow .

Ah, good. It’s same as for me: I don’t really have a good GNU+Hurd development setup yet.

I looked at the code and wonder if perhaps we should just rewrite the CL code to do without multiple inheritance and instead use compound conditions where necessary. Another option is to write plain Guile bindings using the CL bindings only for reference.

There are also a couple of C wrappers in the libs directory, which we would implement differently in Guile (e.g. by using the FFI directly).<

What do you think?

I ran into a few minor problems with the build. I ran “hall dist -x” to generate build system files, but there are errors when running “autoreconf -vif”.

“doc/scheme-hurd.texi” does not exist, so I changed that in hall.scm to “docs” and created an empty “scheme-hurd.texi” file. I also had to manually link the README file with “ln -s README.org README”.

The real problems start, of course, with the condition types in cffi/src/early-types.lisp etc… :)


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