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Making a DIY smart or dumb phone

From: jbranso
Subject: Making a DIY smart or dumb phone
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2021 15:47:00 +0000

Hey guix, EOMA68, and bug-hurd!

I'm getting really tired of carrying my Android phone around with google's spyware,
so I thought that I would try to make myself a DIY dumb or smart phone...

What gets me excited is to see simple guides like this that show you how to make
your own smartphone that supports SMS and traditional calling using purism's gnome

(apologies for the youtube link...)

The minor problem with the above link is that it uses a rasberry pi, which uses some
firemware blobs...

Anyway, I would love to make my own guix phone, and unfortunately it needs to support
SMS and traditional calls, so there might be some binary blobs for the modem.

Anyway, how hard would it be to create such a phone that is EOMA68 compliant? Is that
possible? Could I somehow fit a beagle bone board into the EOMA68 case and wire it up?
What is the status on the EOMA68 phone? I know you guys have a laptop housing. Does
there exist a design for a phone housing?

I would also love too eventually love to run a phone on the Hurd. But currently the Hurd is
limited to x86. I could use guix to run a hurd vm...then perhaps I could use Emacs
inside the hurd vm to get text messages via jabber.el. The Hurd has a working
prototype of sound support right? What command do you run to get sound on the

Here is a list of open-ish computers that I've found. Can anyone add to this list?




P.S. I have no sod-ering experience, and I would prefer to try to do a DIY phone so that
I learn more about hardware! Thanks for any advice that you can give!

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