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gnu/hurd image: rsyslog error and likely solution

From: Andrea Monaco
Subject: gnu/hurd image: rsyslog error and likely solution
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2021 14:20:19 +0200


during boot of the Qemu images, including the latest one (20210812), I get
the following error:

rsyslogd: could not load module 'imklog'. errors: trying to load module
/usr/lib/i386-gnu/rsyslog/imklog.so: undefined symbol:
klogWillRunPrePrivDrop [v 8.39.0 try http://www.rsyslog.com/e/2066]

I wrote to the rsyslog mailing list, and they told me that version 8.39
is very old, in fact I downloaded 8.2108, and that the module imklog is
no longer needed on systems with systemd (which GNU/Hurd doesn't support
according to hurd site).

I wouldn't call this a priority, it's just to let you know.


Andrea Monaco

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