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For get more information on GNU Hurd project

From: Aisuko LI
Subject: For get more information on GNU Hurd project
Date: Fri, 15 Oct 2021 10:34:51 +0800

Hi team,

My ID name is Aisuko Li(Real name Bowen Li), I'm a new contributor to the GNU Hurd.

And I closed one issue of the project, and create an issue to the document, and already was fixed by other maintainers, although a little milestone, for me is a good start.

And I write many articles(current status is to try to summarize the document of GNU Hurd and learn it) try to introduce the GNU Hurd to more people, although the article now exists many issues and need more professionalism, I believe those can be fixed as depth as I learning.

The articles' address below, and others draft status:


I'm not trying to talk about myself and want to get some feedback from you guys. Like:

Are those articles' style is work for the main theme of the GNU Hurd? 
* Any rules here needs to follow?

Are we have a plan to replace the document in a new place(Or like most modern projects have a split the document independent to get more flexible on it )?
* If so, I'd like to contribute to this.

Are there more resources that can support writing documents to introduce the project and not only on the abstract level?
* current resource under https://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/

Any suggestions for learn this project for people?
* tutorials of video or document
* I'd like to summarize the contents to add more document



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