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Re: About consuming/releaseing ports in libpciaccess

From: Joan Lledó
Subject: Re: About consuming/releaseing ports in libpciaccess
Date: Sun, 12 Dec 2021 13:52:13 +0100


> These rules are different between the server and client sides of MIG.
> I was talking about the server side; but you are on the client side
> here. On the client side, whether or not the call consumes a port
> right is determined by the "disposition" specified in .defs (or
> specified at runtime, for polymorphic types). Basically, if the
> disposition is move-send, then the call does consume the right, and if
> it's copy-send, then it doesn't. And copy-send is by far the most
> common.

I think I'll need some explanations here... I never heard about "disposition" 
before, do you mean whether the parameter in the .defs has the "out" keyword?

> Hello! You're lucky to have caught me on my very last day 

Then I'm a bit late now :)

I attached the patch for libpciaccess, I'd like to send it to upstream if you 
guys agree.

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