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Re: Asking help for a little project

From: Luca dariz
Subject: Re: Asking help for a little project
Date: Thu, 27 Jan 2022 13:18:46 +0100
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Il 27/01/22 09:49, Alessandro Sangiuliano ha scritto:
So assuming the situation where my custom name server is booting near the hurd as a module from grub, how to get the other tasks to resume them?

I think there could be two ways:
* pass the task ports of all other tasks from the command line, like exec-task in the usual boot script * retrieve the task list from the processor set of the host, if you want to be more flexible.

Actually I also have a small question... what is your target with this nameserver? One possible use I think could be to simplify the boot process by acting as an initial rendez-vous point for all boot servers (I think for example at the case of booting with a rump-based disk server, pci-arbiter and so on)


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