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Re: Debian GNU/Hurd takes forever to shut down

From: Saniya Maheshwari
Subject: Re: Debian GNU/Hurd takes forever to shut down
Date: Tue, 13 Sep 2022 08:11:35 +0530

Hi Damien,

Post your mail, I attempted to time how long it takes after that line. I also took care to take a fresh image, i.e. freshly downloaded with no prior work done on it, and also took care to not do anything during the Hurd session, i.e. just log in as 'root' and then immediately shutdown (no other commands run).

My observation is that 5 minutes after that line appears, the machine has still not shut down.

Let me know what you think.


On Sat, Sep 10 2022 at 12:05:13 AM +0000 +0000, Damien Zammit <damien@zamaudio.com> wrote:
Hi, On 9/9/22 1:08 am, Saniya Maheshwari wrote:
INIT: Switching to runlevel: 1 INIT: No inittab.d directory found INIT: Sending processes configured via /etc/inittab the TERM signal Using makefile-style concurrent boot in runlevel 1. Stopping enhanced syslogd: rsyslogd. Asking all remaining processes to terminate...
How long did you wait after this line? I sometimes notice this happening and it can take about 60 seconds to time out. Although waiting a minute is not desirable, it may work. Cheers, Damien

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