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Re: [PATCH] Make task_info.h structs more portable

From: Samuel Thibault
Subject: Re: [PATCH] Make task_info.h structs more portable
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2022 22:21:28 +0100
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Flavio Cruz, le mer. 30 nov. 2022 02:10:16 -0500, a ecrit:
>  @table @code
> -@item natural_t faults
> +@item unsigned int faults
>  number of page faults
> -@item natural_t zero_fills
> +@item unsigned int zero_fills
>  number of zero fill pages
> -@item natural_t reactivations
> +@item unsigned int reactivations
>  number of reactivated pages
> -@item natural_t pageins
> +@item unsigned int pageins
>  number of actual pageins
> -@item natural_t cow_faults
> +@item unsigned int cow_faults
>  number of copy-on-write faults
> -@item natural_t messages_sent
> +@item unsigned int messages_sent
>  number of messages sent
> -@item natural_t messages_received
> +@item unsigned int messages_received

It would be more convenient for these to be 64bit on 64bit systems?

Of course 64bit can overflow as well, but at least it makes it easy to
write simple programs to get it and have very little probability of


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