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GSoC'2023: Porting Rust to GNU/Hurd: GNU

From: Madhu patel
Subject: GSoC'2023: Porting Rust to GNU/Hurd: GNU
Date: Thu, 9 Mar 2023 01:44:50 +0530


I'm interested in working on the project `
Porting Rust to GNU/Hurd` in the GNU organization through GSoC'2023.

I am Madhu Patel, a fourth-year B.Tech. student in Computer Science at IGDTUW, with a CGPA of 8.7/10. I have previously interned at Adobe India, Rabvik Innovations, and FM solutions, and I am currently a research intern at IIT Roorkee. I am also working on a research paper on Linux Kernel Evolution for the USENIX publication. Moreover, my research paper on Stock Price Prediction was recently accepted at the IEEE Conference. You can find more information about my work on my LinkedIn and GitHub profiles. 

Please suggest a few initial tasks I can work on during the application period and attach them to my application. I have already prepared a timeline/planner, great if you could have a look at it and suggest any enhancements. Additionally, I have signed in to the mailing lists, and IRCs and done the initial tasks as described on the project page [1].

Madhu Patel
LinkedIn | Github

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