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Re: GSoC applicant

From: jbranso
Subject: Re: GSoC applicant
Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2023 14:41:15 +0000

March 30, 2023 12:37 AM, "Khalil Mouawad" <khalilmoawadid@gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear recipient,
> I just learned about GSoC today and I really don't want to miss this 
> opportunity to put my
> knowledge and skills to practice.
> Here are some information that should help you identify my strength and 
> weaknesses :
> - I am a C++ developer
> - I am confident in my C development abilities (I studied C extensively and 
> know that it is not
> like C++, I am not pretending to know C because of C++)
> - I have experience in functional programming and object oriented programming
> - I know all the main stream data structures and algorithms
> - I am also experienced in python(tkinter) and familiar with java (swt, swing)
> Here are the skills I am currently learning :
> - Learning Rust
> - Design patterns in OO software
> As you can see I am currently learning rust and when I clicked on gnu 
> projects I was extremely
> surprised and happy to learn that I can contribute to such a project and get 
> closer to the rust
> community like I initially wanted and contribute to the language development.
> So I hope it is not to late for me to ask to be added to the party,
> Thank for taking the time,
> Regards,
> Khalil,

You can take a look at the rust project page:


and the hurd contributing page:



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