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Re: Everything's broken (was: Debian GNU/Hurd 2023 released!)

From: Almudena Garcia
Subject: Re: Everything's broken (was: Debian GNU/Hurd 2023 released!)
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2023 00:38:49 +0200

I've just installed Debian GNU/Hurd 2023 again, using a simpler Qemu script with IDE disk and cdrom.
It works without problem

This is my script, using a 20G qcow image.

# If I ever need to add a cdrom
    echo "running ssh"

qemu-system-i386 -s -m $MEMORY                                 \
                     -hda $FILE \
                     -cdrom $CDROM \
                     -smp 8                                      \
                     -boot d                                      \
                     -net user,hostfwd=tcp:     \
                     -net nic,model=e1000                      \
                     -enable-kvm                                  \
                     -no-shutdown \
                     -no-reboot \
                     -vga std \
                     -display gtk;

Maybe the Sergey problem can be in the image's big size, so much bigger than the mine, but i'm not sure.

If I got time, I will try to install in real hardware, to check if there are any problem there.

I expect that info are useful

El jue, 15 jun 2023 a las 0:27, Samuel Thibault (<samuel.thibault@gnu.org>) escribió:
Almudena Garcia, le mer. 14 juin 2023 21:25:32 +0200, a ecrit:
> Due to rumpdisk, I use a raw image, because the installer, using rumpdisk,
> doesn't detect fine the qcow2 image.

Uh? That's terribly odd: raw vs qcow is supposed to be a host-only
thing, and not have any actual effect on the guest... Possibly it could
even be a qemu bug. It's worth investigating at least.


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