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bug#36037: Setting Koutliner view spec to <|benl1> and then back to <|be

From: Bodertz
Subject: bug#36037: Setting Koutliner view spec to <|benl1> and then back to <|ben> does not restore outline view
Date: Sat, 1 Jun 2019 10:24:24 -0600
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On 6/1/19 6:21 AM, Robert Weiner wrote:
Looks like a bug in the Koutliner, in that any clipped cells are not expanded. Use {C-c C-a} to show the whole outline for now and we will look at resolving it.

Note that the pipe character (|) is only used in klinks and not when interactively prompted for a viewspec with {C-c C-v}, though it doesn't hurt anything to type it there.  At most, you only ever use one pipe character.  Maybe instead of <|ben|1> you mean <|benc1> which clips the outline to 1 line per cell?

Thank you.

That second pipe is a lowercase L(hide cells at levels deeper than N). The issue also appears with 'c', but I don't think any others. Adding 'a' (show all cell levels and all lines in cells) takes precedence over both of them, and will show all cell levels and lines no matter what else is in the view spec.

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