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bug#43794: Hyperbole fails to handle file: link with a trailing :line-nu

From: Mats Lidell
Subject: bug#43794: Hyperbole fails to handle file: link with a trailing :line-number
Date: Sat, 05 Mar 2022 23:35:01 +0100
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> Robert Weiner writes:
> Sasanidas commented 2 hours ago
> I have this output from xdebug(php debugger). 
> step_over 
> 17 | step_over > break/ok 
> 17 | 
> file:///usr/Data_2/Programming/drupal-9.0.6/core/modules/views/src/DisplayPluginCollection.php:62
> The path that is showed have a number in the end, delimited with : , that 
> indicate the row of the file, but when I 
> trigger the Implicit button, it doesn't take into the account the line 
> number, it's just creates a new buffer with the full 
> path, the dots and the number at the end. 
> My question is, what is the correct approach to this case, should I change 
> the Implicit button action, create a new one 
> or maybe change the button type. 
> Thank you. 
> @rswgnu
> Owner
> rswgnu commented 1 hour ago
> You have found a bug. Thank you. We will work with it and resolve it. 

Sorry for late follow up. This has been fixed in commit 

A pre release with the fix is available from GNU Elpa Devel 
("https://elpa.gnu.org/devel/";). Add this to the package-archives list and use 
the Emacs Package Manager to install it.

%% Mats

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