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[Bug-indent] Indent Configuration files

From: Robert Wuest
Subject: [Bug-indent] Indent Configuration files
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 09:20:00 -0500


I think it would be useful to add the ability to specify a file other than
.indent.pro to be used as the source for default options.  It would certainly be
useful to me.  I am considering hacking this in, but I do not want to put a lot
of effort into something that is going to be categorically rejected (something
I've run into in the past on GNU projects, which is why I am writing first).  So
I'm asking: is this something that has already been decided, or are you open to
the inclusion of this feature?  I was thinking of using the options -pro,
--profile.  This would not be a significant amount of code, rather trivial, I

My "itch": 1) I am passing a lot of code back and forth between several
developers that use different coding styles (all starting with the same code
base, but slightly different projects).  2) I have written a Tcl/Tk front end to
indent and would like to be able to specify option files to use and to save.  

Tkindent is not ready for public consumption as the organization of indent
options in the menus and dialogs is not yet sane.  Tkindent is written using
vtcl and is licensed under the GPL.  I am willing to give it to the indent
project, if you are interested.


Robert Wuest, PE
Sirius Engineering Company
Embedded systems solutions 
(956) 233-6424

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