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[Bug-indent] patch for indent-2.2.6 to make it compile with mingw32

From: Vladislav Naumov
Subject: [Bug-indent] patch for indent-2.2.6 to make it compile with mingw32
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2001 13:55:25 +0600

Hello bug-indent,

I tried to compile indent-2.2.6 with mingw32 and found some troubles.
Attached file is a gzipped diff.

Changes done:
  in Makefile.mingw32:
    -CFLAGS = -mno-cygwin -O6 -I. $(DEFS)
    +CFLAGS = -mno-cygwin -O6 $(DEFS)
    (included indent-2.2.6/io.h caused too much pain.
     like this: "io.h:66: parse error before `PARAMS'"
     io.h from mingw package was much better :-))
     indent.exe: $(OBJS)
    -   $(CC) -o $@ $(OBJS)
    +   $(CC) -s -o $@ $(OBJS)
    (win32 people don't like debug info. So do I.)
     config.h: config.h.vc++
    -   cp -f $< $@
    +   copy "config.h.vc++" config.h
    -    -rm -f *.o indent.exe
    +#  -rm -f *.o indent.exe config.h
    +   del *.o
    +   del indent.exe
    +   del config.h
    ("cp" and "rm" aren't a part of windows distribution kit.
     I can't change this, but i can change makefile :-))
  in config.h.vc++:
    -#define HAVE_UTIME_H
    +#ifndef __MINGW32__
    +  #define HAVE_UTIME_H
    +#endif /* __MINGW32__ */
    (I don't HAVE_UTIME_H in my mingw32 dist.kit)

That's all, folks.   

Best regards,
 Vladislav                          mailto:address@hidden

Attachment: indent_mingw32.diff.gz
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