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[Bug-indent] Re: Fixed finding $HOME/.indent.pro in Win2k

From: david ingamells
Subject: [Bug-indent] Re: Fixed finding $HOME/.indent.pro in Win2k
Date: Tue, 4 Dec 2001 20:36:09 +0100

By all means send it. However I will have to verify that it doesn't break the 
GNU/Linux distribution. Which compiler did you use? Did you use the indent.dsp
vc++ project file?

Very soon the 2.2.7 release will be out. I would prefer it if you can move
the changes to this version before sending it. 


On Tuesday 04 December 2001 4:14 pm, Tijn Porcelijn wrote:
> Hi,
> In an attempt to beautify the messy code produced by me and the
> co-developers in my team, I ``ported'' indent to Window 2000. All
> seems to work fine except that indent can't find a default indentation
> profile in $HOME, since this variable is not used under Win2k,
> normally.
> Therefore I included some code in args.c  that combines the HOMEDRIVE
> and HOMEPATH environment vars and made some other mods.
> Since indent is under GPL, I thought I'd let you know. If you're
> interested I'll send you the complete code. Just let me know!
> Good luck and thanks for developing and maintaining indent this far.
> Cheers, Tijn

David Ingamells
(0031) +13 5093388     (home)
(0031) +13 065010947 (mobile)

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