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Re: [Bug-indent] indent documentation bugs

From: Gerrit P. Haase
Subject: Re: [Bug-indent] indent documentation bugs
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 00:15:36 +0100

Hallo david,

Am 2001-12-17 um 19:54 schriebst du:

> The 2.2.7 release will be out today or tomorrow. Watch
> http://home.hccnet.nl/ingamells/beautify.html for the first appearance and 
> then soon after at the GNU ftp sites.
>  As I think I've already said to you, the make files for non UNIX-like 
> machines will not work as delivered. Under Carlo's jurisdiction the gettext 
> package was incorporated and this does not yet have a vc++, etc make. All the 
> source code is present so someone on those platforms will need to make the 
> updates to the make files and send them to me.

Ok, I'll fetch it then.  gettext is part of Cygwin, so it will be no problem 
I'll see what else is to do.
I'm just building on Cygwin with gcc and I don't use vc++ much.
Cygwin is as much UNIX like as Windows can be;)
I think it will work OOTB.  We had only the one problem that indent in company
with cygwin1.dll messes up if the user uses it in a native Windows shell because
on Windows there is nothing like binmode as it is on Cygwin mounts or on UNIX
For this we use a little tool called automode which let the output be binmode
regardless which shell or mounttype indent is running on.

Thanks for the info;)

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