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Re: [Bug-indent] indent 2.2.7, solaris 2.6, stpcpy

From: david ingamells
Subject: Re: [Bug-indent] indent 2.2.7, solaris 2.6, stpcpy
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2002 00:03:32 +0100

On Thursday 03 January 2002 3:35 pm, Karl Berry wrote:
>     Hmmm, it linked OK on Solaris 5.6.
> My 5.6 (aka 2.6) and your 5.6 must be different somehow.
> Do you have GNU gettext installed?  I don't, although Solaris comes with
> a (useless) gettext, of course.
> Below is the output from my configure run.
> Looking at indent's configure.ac, I wonder if the problem could be this
> Won't this potentially clash with the AC_CHECK_FUNCS(stpcpy) that
> gettext.m4 (aka AM_GNU_GETTEXT) does?  Thus making it so the stpcpy
> replacement in the provided gettext doesn't get compiled?
> Cheers,
> karl
On Sunday 06 January 2002 3:54 pm, gerrit wrote:
> And again I have gettext problems with the errors (stpcpy problem,
> see archives of this list), I removed `AC_DEFINE(HAVE_STPCPY)' from
> configure.ac and everything works fine.
> I think there is no patch file needed for this.
> You need to update your gettext.m4 file and remove that STP_CPY macro,

Gerrit, Karl,
Thanks, you've found a problem that has bugged several people (and me too!). 
The implementor of the gettext stuff in indent had added several AC_DEFINES 
that should never have been there. I've cleaned that up and it will be 
working properly in the next release (famous last words ...).

The fault is indeed in the configure.ac file, which is used during the 
pre-release stuff. I've received several translations from the GNU 
Translation Team as well so I guess it makes sense to get a new release out 
some time soon.

NB it is impressive how quickly the Translation Team works, and I hadn't even 
asked them!

David Ingamells
(0031) +13 5093388     (home)
(0031) +13 065010947 (mobile)

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