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[Bug-indent] bug report - bogus unmatched else report

From: harry eaton
Subject: [Bug-indent] bug report - bogus unmatched else report
Date: Tue, 08 Jan 2002 17:41:48 -0500

The (small) attached c file causes indent version 2.2.7 to
give an erroneous report:

indent: test.c:14: Error:Unmatched 'else'

Clearly the else is in regards to the 'if' on line 12.
Before I paired down the source to a small example, this
line of code was actually on line 754, but was reported
as being on line 647.  If you request, I will send the larger
file so you can see this too.

Note that ALLPAD_LOOP(x,y) is a macro defined in
the include file. The macro looks more-or-less like:

#define ALLPAD_LOOP(x,y) { int n; for (n=0; n<5; n++) { padtype pad =
x->pad; y; } }

harry eaton

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