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Re: [Bug-indent] C++ ability for indent .. code patch and question.

From: Preston A. Elder
Subject: Re: [Bug-indent] C++ ability for indent .. code patch and question.
Date: Sat, 12 Jan 2002 09:29:27 -0500
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Carlo Wood wrote:

On Sat, Jan 12, 2002 at 02:39:10AM -0500, Preston A. Elder wrote:

a< b< c>>;

I found the fix was to modify lexi.c, and insert the following code at line 1020 (ie. the detection code for the lexical token of '<', '>' and '!'):
            if (token - cur_line)
                if (token[-1] == ' ' || token[-1] == TAB)
                    parser_state_tos->want_blank = true;

This should force the parser to maintain a space before a <, > or ! character if there was one there already. I cannot see any ill effect

std::cin >> s;
int i = j >> 4;

I just made code of:

sometemplate<a<b> >Test1;
std::cin >> s;
int i = j >> 4;

And my version of indent came up with:

sometemplate < a < b > >Test1;
std::cin >> s;
int i = j >> 4;

So you're above examples work just fine (note, I used the --dont-break-procedure-type argument, to stop the int decleration going over multipal lines).

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