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[Bug-indent] win32 indent with watcom

From: Charles Lecklider
Subject: [Bug-indent] win32 indent with watcom
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2002 23:10:13 +0000
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indent version 2.2.7
Watcom 11.0c

With two minor changes, I've got a working Win32 version of indent compiled with Watcom C/C++. As you may be aware, Watcom is in the process of becoming 'open source', so I believe it makes sense to be able to use Watcom to compile indent for Win32. (See http://www.openwatcom.org/)

The changes are as follows (sorry no working copy of diff yet):

src/indent.h: line 27
#include <intl/libgettext.h>
change to
#include "intl/libgettext.h"

src/indent.c: line 2692
Remove this line; it seems that Watcom does not allow you to prototype a function within a function definition. Watcom defines __WATCOMC__, so a suitable #ifndef could be added instead.

I have attached a copy of config.h, and a very basic makefile. Please feel free to include them in future versions if you wish.


        @set WCC386=/oneatx /oh /ei /zp8 /6 /fp6 -bt=nt -DHAVE_CONFIG_H
        wcc386 src\args.c
        wcc386 src\backup.c
        wcc386 src\comments.c
        wcc386 src\globs.c
        wcc386 src\indent.c
        wcc386 src\io.c
        wcc386 src\lexi.c
        wcc386 src\parse.c
        wcc386 src\wildexp.c
        wlink name indent.exe sys nt FIL *.obj

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