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[Bug-indent] procname-start-lines and hability to position of return fun

From: VALETTE Eric
Subject: [Bug-indent] procname-start-lines and hability to position of return function type
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 10:57:45 +0100
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First I would like to thank all the people that hace contributed to develop indent 2.2.7. I gave up using indent long time ago and was using emacs to format the code. With indent 2.2.7, I think I may revise my position.

I currently use the following, .indent.pro setup
-cdb -sc -br -ce -bli4 -brs -i2 -nbbo -ts4 -nut -sob -psl

And I'm pretty satisfied with wht it does except for the the psl option that should be complemented or (use the -i setting) for putting the return type not on the first colum but aligned with type definition inside the prodcedure definition.

int foo() {return 1;}
is transformed into :

foo ()
  return 1;

The programming standart I use requires :

foo ()
  return 1;

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