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Re: [Bug-indent] garbage+original after indented version

From: david ingamells
Subject: Re: [Bug-indent] garbage+original after indented version
Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 19:44:06 +0200

Thanks for the report.
I cannot reproduce your problem here with the official 2.2.7 or 2.2.8
versions of indent. There was a problem with a missing newline at the end of 
the file,with version 2.2.6 but that was fixed in 2.2.7.


On Tuesday 28 May 2002 9:42 am, Alexander Elbs wrote:
> hi,
> when i do an:
> indent -l78 -sc -fc1 < indent_bug.h | less
> i get the (correctly) indented file but after it a few bytes garbage
> (mostly \0) and the original (unindented) file is appended.
> the occurence of the bug seems to depend on a few things:
> - no newline, but space (0x20) at end of file
> - a comment ( /* */ ) is at the end
> - the size of the file has to be >5k
> well, at least with the attached file (some autogenerated dummy code, to
> see if the autogenerater works) the bug occured with debian's
> indent version 2.2.7-2 und with the original version 2.2.6.
> Ciao
> Alex

David Ingamells
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