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[Bug-indent] FW: Gnu's indent

From: Bujnowski George MLM
Subject: [Bug-indent] FW: Gnu's indent
Date: Thu, 19 Dec 2002 21:19:03 +0200

> Hello,
I downloaded "indent" version 2.2.8 and had problems building it on Windows 
2000, using the provided information
and dsp (project file).

> I tried building the program on VC6 SP5 using the dsp, and I also tried to 
> build from the command line.
> I got several errors.
> For instance the dsp setting did not include the ..\intl directory, that I 
> added (?).
> On my computer the define was WIN32_ not _WIN32
> I then had problems with io.h.
> I understand (?) that where it says "io.h", the file is ".\io.h" while <io.h> 
> means the one provided by Gnu.
There was a problem that wildexp was declared inside (not at the beginning of) 
a block.
> I then had problems with LOCALEDIR
> I wonder if I should have used some other files from the intl directory ...
> If you have a solution for VC6 or VC7 or (if not) if you could send me the 
> exe, I would appreciate it very much.
> Please reply to both mailto:address@hidden and to mailto:address@hidden from 
> where I am sending.
> By the way, do you know of any good free beatification program that works 
> also on C++?
> Thank you,
> --Bujnowski George

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